Our Work

Revision of the Staff-Student Relations (formerly Fraternization) Policy 

Beginning in March 2022, BAAC has sat with the BOE Policy Committee along with members of the parent community to revise the Fraternization Policy. Our participation in this revision process is an example of centering survivors bringing our intimate knowledge of these crimes, along with the specific context of having walked the halls of BHS.

Recent Proposals to the Board of Education 

Alumni Focus Group: The BHS Survivors and Alumni deserve an opportunity to have their voices heard in any space where the District is attempting to learn how they might move forward in ensuring a psychologically safe learning environment. BAAC leaders are working directly with the Superintendent, Linda Rozzi, to explore potentials pathways for such engagement and hopes to announce a plan in early summer 2022. 


Citizens Advisory Committee: Pursuant to NYS law, BAAC proposed the appointment of a Citizens Advisory Committee at the April 11th 2022 regular business meeting. Members of this Committee are appointed by the Board based on interest.


BAAC campaigned for community members to directly request the Board appointment a Citizens Advisory Committee, and during the May regular business meeting the Board communicated their intention to recommend a resolution of appointment for approval at the ReOrganizational meeting in July. 


We feel the formation of a Citizens Advisory Committee is an effective means for community members to remain involved in District policy formation, oversight and implementation. We hope the Board of Education will appoint members of the Committee in good faith, recognizing the need for greater community input in addressing the outcry about teacher misconduct in the Fall of 2021.

Work in the Community

Bringing in New Leadership: BAAC helped campaign for Ari McKenzie's campaign for the Board of Education. He was elected on May 17th and will begin serving at the June regular business meeting. 


Seeking Justice: A central focus of our work has been to encourage alumni and families to contribute to the NYS Attorney General's Investigation into the staff misconduct and administrative failures in the Babylon School District. We do this through targeted social media campaigns that work to educate our audience about what harassment, grooming and assault look and feel like. Check out our Instagram feed here.