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Our Team: Meet the Team

Darcy Bennet

Co-Organizer & Founder

Class of 2009

Darcy Bennet was the third survivor from Babylon High School to come forward. In her role with BAAC, Darcy leads on Strategy, Design & Capacity Building.

After graduating high school, Darcy went on to Stony Brook University to study social work. Her career took a turn and she worked as the director of the non-technical department of 3 engineering firms. After working in Engineering, Darcy wanted a more creative role. She became a content manager at a fashion e-commerce company that was based in Milan, Italy. After 3 years, Darcy accepted a role as an Executive Assistant at a highly recognized educational publishing firm where she supports 5 senior executives, project manages multiple efforts across the company and participates in ERGs as a committee member.

Along with the work she has done, Darcy has volunteered at animal shelters, ran after school programs for disadvantaged youth, participated in the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, was on the Volunteer & Government Relations Committee in the Sarasota Young Professionals Group and actively supports the LGBTQ+ community and BLM.

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Carolyn El Serafi

Co-Organizer & Founder

Class of 2005

Carolyn El Serafi joined the BHS survivor's movement to support their efforts to seek accountability. In her role with BAAC, Carolyn leads on Strategy, External Communications and contributes social media content.


Motivated by her own journey of healing from sexual abuse, Ms. El Serafi centers and works in partnership with the brave women who came forward with their experiences. After receiving her BA from Providence College in 2009, she went on to serve as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia, where she got her start in mobilizing volunteers around a common goal. Since her return to the States she has worked in non-profit administrative roles as an Executive Team special projects manager and Board Liaison.


Our Team: Text


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Jaycee Angello Slawson 


Social Media

Project Manager

Class of 2010

Jaycee Angello Slawson was the second alumni to come forward. After graduating Babylon High School in 2010, she went on to get her bachelors degree in Business Administration with a minor in psychology. She and her husband moved to South Carolina. Together they have one child and four dogs. She is now property manager for a 300+ unit apartment community for a national corporation where she also handles all social media accounts. 


Mickey Bennet


Social Media

Team Member

Mickey is married to Darcy Bennet and is an active supporter of sexual abuse survivors. Mickey has a long history of involvement and often engages in advocacy with social justice organizations. Mickey has professional experience in marketing and event management.

Mickey volunteered weekends in high school at the Fulton Autism program and at the Little Shelter animal shelter in Huntington. After starting his career, Mickey participated in the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and was on the Volunteer & Government Relations Committee in the Sarasota Young Professionals Group.



Christine Katz


Social Media

Team Member

Class of 2006

After graduating high school, Christine earned her BFA at Adelphi University in fine art and graphic design. She then channeled her creativity into web and digital spaces and expanded her skillset into coding and web development. She's spent the last 11 years working exclusively in higher education. As a user experience (UX) designer, she's always looking at ways to bring a more human touch to technical tools. Christine is quick to pick-up new skills, and has experience working in email marketing, social media, mobile app design, content strategy, information architecture, prototyping and web development. 

Our Team: Meet the Team


Our Team: Text

Brittany Rohl, MS


Mental Health Consultant


Class of 2011


Brittany Rohl was the first survivor from Babylon High School to come forward publicly in November 2021. Her open letter went viral on social media and opened the floodgates for dozens of alumni to share their stories. She worked tirelessly in the following weeks to garner national media attention on this pressing issue.

After graduating from BHS in 2011, Brittany earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Fordham University. For the next three years, she traveled across the five boroughs and then across the country working with Columbia University Medical Center and Yale University on neuropsychological research studies. She is currently a doctoral candidate in Clinical & Health Psychology at the University of Florida. She has published 15 peer-reviewed academic journal articles on neuropsychology, 1 textbook chapter on obsessive-compulsive related disorders, and she has presented her work at 6 national psychology conferences. In 2020, the American Psychological Association recognized her work in a special conference session, “Cutting Edge Research from Emerging Psychological Scientists”. In 2021, she received the Eileen Fennel Graduate Teaching Award for her work teaching graduate-level statistics as well as redesigning an undergraduate communication skills lab curriculum for a pre-health undergraduate course at UF. She is deeply committed to a better future for Babylon students.

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Maureen McNamara-Mulhern LICSW/MSW

Mental Health Consultant

Class of  1973

Maureen graduated from Babylon High School in 1973 and is part of the generation who parented the young women who came forward in November, 2021.  She went to college at Georgetown University after BHS and then moved to Massachusetts where she enjoyed 20-year career in marketing communications, raised her family and generally adulted.  

In her 40’s she decided to change careers and pursued a Masters in Social Work from Boston College.  For the next 20 years, she has been a psychotherapist and clinical director working with teens and adults, most of whom are trauma survivors. She is a certified trauma treatment specialist. 

She is also the proud aunt of BAAC co-founder, Darcy Bennet.


Our Team: Meet the Team

Tracey Deesing 

Community Coalition

Project Manager

Class of 2006

Tracey graduation from BHS in 2006 and attended Villanova University, where she received her bachelors in Marketing.  After working on Long Island after graduation, she later moved to Charlotte, NC for a fresh start and hasn’t looked back since! 


Tracey currently manages half of her company’s accounting department in a position that she helped to create several years ago after analyzing a growing internal need with the company’s founders/owners. 


In her free time, Tracey likes to hike with her fiancé, take day trips to the beach, and spend time with her two pups. 


Meaghan Pashen

Community Coalition

Team Member

Class of 2016


Meaghan Pashen was born and raised in Babylon Village and graduated from Babylon High School in 2016. From a multigenerational Babylon Village family dating back to 1966, Meaghan is acutely aware of the harmful culture of Babylon Village.


After graduating from BHS, Meaghan obtained both a BS and MS degree from SUNY University at Buffalo in Environmental Engineering. She has extensive experience in academic research and technical writing. This spring, Meaghan will begin an Environmental Engineering position with the United States Environmental Protection Agency in Chicago, IL where she will work to reduce harmful air pollution and enforce air quality regulations. 


With the ambition of devoting her life to public service, Meaghan is excited to serve on the Community Coalition Team for BAAC with the goal of educating the community and preventing future abuse by the Babylon School District.

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Alison Gonzalez

Community Coalition

Team Member

Class of 1995


Alison graduated from BHS in 1995 and received her BA in English in 1999. She spent a cool decade cultivating her skills at a small publishing company through all ranks of editor, and ultimately writer. She left the world of publishing for her most important position to date, Mom. She is entering her twelfth year in this endeavor and is devoted to nurturing emotionally conscious, kind humans.  


She is a committed advocate for children and often volunteers in Babylon. Alison served as a Room Representative, completed a 2-year term on the Shared Decision Making Team, and worked toward the post-Covid reopening on the Social Emotional Committee. 

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